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Migrate your data from another CRM to Nutshell with just a few clicks
Migrate your data from another CRM to Nutshell with just a few clicks
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We understand that moving your data from one CRM to another can seem daunting. That’s why we’ve partnered with Import2 to make it as simple as possible for you to migrate your data to Nutshell. Follow this step-by-step guide to get started quickly and easily. Note: This action is only available to admins.

Getting started with migrating your data

  1. You will see a list of import options to choose from, click the Another CRM option

  2. Find and select your current CRM

    ​Nutshell supports automatic imports from the below CRMs:

    • Act!

    • ActiveCampaign

    • AgileCRM

    • Attio

    • Capsule CRM

    • Close

    • Copper

    • Firmao

    • FowCRM

    • Highlevel

    • Highrise

    • HubSpot

    • Insightly

    • Keap

    • Less Annoying CRM

    • Microsoft Dynamics 365

    • Nimble

    • OnepageCRM

    • Pipedrive

    • Pipeline

    • Redtail CRM

    • Salesforce

    • Streak

    • Sugar CRM

    • Suite CRM

    • Wealthbox

    • Zendesk Sell

    • Zoho CRM​

  3. Start sample migration

    The process will start with a small sample migration, importing just a portion of your data. This step ensures that everything is correctly mapped and allows for rectifying any issues before proceeding with the full migration.

    To get started with the sample import, click the 'Start import via Import2' button, you'll then be directed to the 'Migrate your data' page in Import2.

    Add the login credentials to connect your existing CRM database to Nutshell and click the 'Connect' button.

    Once connected, click the 'Continue' button.

    Click the 'Start Sample Migration' button.

    ​Once clicked, your sample import will begin. You can see your sample's status, track its progress, and identify any errors on the import page in Nutshell and in Import2.

  4. Request approval for full migration

    Once your sample is complete and you've confirmed that the data was mapped correctly, you are now ready to start the full migration.

    Click the 'Request approval for full migration' button. This request will be sent to our support team.

    ​Once approved by our support team, click the 'Go to Import2' button and follow the prompts to initiate the full migration.

    You'll be able to monitor progress on the 'Import your data' page in Nutshell and on the 'Migrate your data' page in Import2. Once the full migration is completed, the status will be updated and the confirmation message below will be displayed.

    ​If you have any questions about your import, reach out to Nutshell’s support team who will be happy to assist! Alternatively, you can contact Import2 directly via email: or live chat.

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