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Find and connect with key individuals using Nutshell's PeopleIQ
Find and connect with key individuals using Nutshell's PeopleIQ
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In the ever-evolving landscape of managing customer relationships, Nutshell continually enhances our features to make your experience more effective. One such powerful feature is PeopleIQ, designed to help you proactively find potential sales opportunities more effectively.

What PeopleIQ offers:

  • Targeted contact suggestions: Discover relevant contacts from companies existing in Nutshell already

  • Direct integration: Add contacts discovered by PeopleIQ directly to Nutshell from the company or lead page to initiate connections easily

How it works

Set up PeopleIQ filters

Admin users can tailor your PeopleIQ experience by configuring filters based on management level, job field, and contact information according to your organizational needs. This way, you can find the people that matter most to your organization.

To set your PeopleIQ filters:

  • Navigate to Settings > PeopleIQ under the Data menu in Nutshell

  • Ensure that PeopleIQ is toggled on

  • Check the desired filters, i.e. Management level, Job field, Contact information

  • Save your changes to apply the selected filters

Identify PeopleIQ matches

When viewing a company page in Nutshell, keep an eye out for the PeopleIQ indicator. This indicator alerts you to potential matches based on your selected filters.

Additionally, when viewing a lead page in Nutshell, we'll show the PeopleIQ indicator when potential contacts are discovered.

  • Click the PeopleIQ indicator to open the PeopleIQ sidebar

  • Select the checkbox next to each contact you wish to add to Nutshell

  • Click โ€˜Addโ€™ at the bottom of the sidebar to add the contact to Nutshell. Note: Each person you add to Nutshell will use one of your available credits.


VisitorIQ is included in the PeopleIQ add-on plan. With VisitorIQ, you can identify company website visitors, enabling proactive outreach to companies that align with your ideal customer profile (ICP). Learn more about VisitorIQ here.


Can I add custom filters to PeopleIQ?

Currently, PeopleIQ offers predefined filters like management level, job field, and contact information.

How often is PeopleIQ updated with new data?

PeopleIQ leverages real-time data to ensure accuracy and relevance. Our data sources are regularly updated to provide the latest information.

Are there any limitations on the number of contacts I can add using PeopleIQ?

Your ability to add contacts using PeopleIQ is tied to having the PeopleIQ add-on. Each contact added will consume one of your available credits.

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