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Shareable links for your marketing emails
Shareable links for your marketing emails
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Here's how it works

Inside the Details tab on any Nutshell Campaigns broadcast or newsletter edition, you’ll now see a “Shareable URL” field at the bottom of the right-side column. Just hit the Copy button, and this URL is ready to share on your website, across social media platforms, internally with your colleagues, or anywhere else you might want to drop a link.

Shareable links work even when your marketing email hasn’t been published yet, which means you can give a colleague a quick look at an email in progress even when they’re not logged into Nutshell. Pretty slick, eh?

Why do you need these things, anyway?

Following the release of Nutshell Campaigns, our product team recognized that marketers (and even non-marketers) often have reasons to share email content with people outside of their subscriber list.

Companies burn a lot of energy putting together high-quality marketing emails, and for the most part, the only people who get to see them is their subscriber lists. Which is FINE, but what if you want to…

  • Share a previously sent marketing email with a new sales prospect?

  • Plug your company's latest newsletter in a LinkedIn post?

  • Share your latest marketing announcement in a company-wide Slack message so that the rest of the team knows what you actually do?

Being unable to share marketing emails with non-subscribers also means that you have to spend additional hours redesigning your email content into blog posts that are publicly accessible, and then put in the work trying to get people to visit those pages. But who has the time?

Nutshell Campaigns' shareable links help deliver your email content to wider audiences, and relieve the pain of limited shareability. Time that would be spent on reformatting, redesigning, or recreating your content simply to make it shareable, is yours again—now you can use that time to win more deals with Nutshell!

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