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See your Nutshell contacts on your Android phone for caller ID
See your Nutshell contacts on your Android phone for caller ID
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Here are instructions on how to sync your Nutshell contacts to your Android phone so that you can see who's calling you. The easiest and best way to sync your contacts to your phone is to first sync them to Google. You can follow the steps below to achieve this goal.

Exporting contacts from Nutshell

How do I export my Nutshell data?
You can review the article link above to find steps on how to export your contacts from Nutshell, or follow the step by step directions below.

  1. Click to the people tab so you are viewing a list of All People (click 'remove filters' if any filters are applied to the list)

  2. Click the columns icon to adjust your columns, and select only the name, email, phone, and address columns

  3. Select all contacts and export them to a CSV.

To make things easy for you I've already created this list. Use this link to visit a list of all people in your Nutshell account with their name, email, and phone.
Just select all people and click export to get a CSV spreadsheet of those contacts.

Importing contacts to Gmail

The wiki article link below provides incredible step by step instructions for how to import a CSV spreadsheet to Google contacts. Skip ahead to the Navigate to Google Contacts in your web browser portion of this instructional document.

Syncing Google Contacts to Android

This one is easy. Visit the website below (it's Google after all) and follow their easy instructions to sync your Google Contacts to your Android. You'll then know who is calling you whenever they call.

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