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Automatically close leads that don't respond, with a reminder to follow up later
Automatically close leads that don't respond, with a reminder to follow up later
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You want the open leads in your Nutshell account to be current, existing opportunities, but you also don't want potentially valid deals to fall through the cracks! To save time and stop worrying about updating your leads all the time, follow these tips.

Nutshell sales automation has your back to help you keep your leads up to date, whether your goal is to stay focused on the right opportunities or to make sure you have accurate reports to share with your boss.

If a lead isn't biting, admins can follow these steps to set up Nutshell to automatically handle the lead, and even set up auto-reminders to reach back out to these leads later (in case it was just not the right time).

Create a custom outcome

First, you'll want to customize your outcomes so you can easily track why leads are being cancelled. For this purpose, I created a Cancelled outcome called "No response".


Automatically cancel a lead

Next, you can configure your pipeline to change the stage settings to automatically close the lead if it remains in that stage for too long. Click on the name of a stage and check the box shown in this screenshot:


You can do the same for every stage, and you could even choose different outcomes depending on where they are in the pipeline.

Automatically receive a reminder to follow up

From there, you'll add a follow through task for those closed leads to follow up.

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