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We recommend creating and saving lists for any information you use filters to view regularly.

To see some examples of how your team can use Nutshell to help with some of the most common workflows, check out this guide.

Mailing Lists

Create a mailing list based on filters relevant to your customers. The Tag and Last contacted filters can help you narrow down people relevant to a particular tag who you haven’t reached out to in awhile. From the list view, you can bulk check all of the people in your list and send them an email:


Pro Tip: Not all email providers allow you to send hundreds of emails at once. To check off 50 boxes at a time, Shift + Click two boxes to check off all of the boxes in between!



Need to make sure your team is following up with all of their leads appropriately? Save a lead list with filters to help you focus on your colleagues efforts. The built-in Overdue and Stage filters can help you focus on leads in a critical stage of your sales process.


Pro Tip: Don’t forget, you can customize the columns shown in your list by clicking the column icon next to the filters or to the right of the column headers!

VIP Check In

If you have any high value clients that you would like to keep special tabs on, a VIP Check In list might be just what you need. The Last logged [activity] and Next activity start time filters can help you keep track of the last time you logged a particular activity with these clients, and allow you to check any correspondence with them before your next activity starts.


Pro Tip: VIP Check In isn’t a default activity type, but a custom one that can be created by an admin in the activity types section.

Missing Information

Having all the necessary information can make a huge difference when reaching out to a contact. Having a list of people filtered by the information you don’t have is sometimes just as important as filtering by the information you do have.

By using the Job Title filter and selecting No job title you can give yourself a list of people that need a little more research done on them before you reach out via phone or email.


Pro Tip: You also have the ability to filter people without an email address, phone number, or address to easily identify which contacts need more attention before you can make contact (or which contacts to clean up from your lists).

These are just a few examples of the many different saved lists you can create in Nutshell. If you or your teammates need any help customizing saved lists in your account to fit a specific need or workflow, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for some help!

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