How to import your contacts
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Watch this video to learn how to import your companies, people, and leads from a CSV spreadsheet.

Want to know the basics about importing companies, people, and leads into Nutshell. Look no further. You can also read this article here for complete instructions on how to import your data to Nutshell from a spreadsheet.

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Why did Nutshell already choose fields to map my columns to?

Nutshell will automatically map columns like phone, email, address, and name to matching fields in Nutshell. You should always go through all your columns before importing your data to Nutshell to ensure that all your columns are being imported to the correct fields.

I don't see the "Don't create any leads" option. Why is that?

This option will be invisible if you have mapped any columns to lead fields on the previous page. Use the back button to go back to the Column Mapping page and make sure to remove any lead fields if you don't wish to create leads when importing data.

I see a product option, does this mean I can create products when importing?

If you are creating leads with your import, it is also possible to create and attach products to those leads. You must create a lead for every product you wish to create.

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