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Working with multiple pipelines [Nutshell Pro]
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Nutshell Pro customers can define unique sales pipelines to track entirely different types of sales. Each pipeline has its own stages.

Many businesses have more than one sales model, or more than one way of engaging your customers. You might have a B2C operation and have also developed a B2B corporate sales model. Or you may have a service offering with a very different sales cycle from your product offering. Many Nutshell customers use one pipeline for new sales and a second pipeline for post-sale onboarding, account management, or customer success.

Nutshell Pro customers can create separate pipelines to track very different leads. Then, you can report on your funnel without long-running leads skewing the numbers of faster leads. And you can track different stages for each pipeline. If one type of sale requires a specific stage (for example, a signature on a proposal), you can put this lead into the appropriate pipeline.

Protip: do you have leads that need to follow more than one set of stages, like leads that move through an onboarding or training process once you win their business? Check out follow-through tasks or lead cloning to decide how to best manage these leads on your team!

Create a new pipeline

  1. Click "+ Add new pipeline"

  2. Give your new pipeline a name

  3. Build the stages for your new pipeline and your goals and tasks (You can visit our What is Sales Automation article to learn more about building an automated sales process for your leads).


Automatically distribute leads to the right pipeline

Lead distribution rules will ensure that all your prospects are always in the right pipeline. Whether your pipelines are used for leads in different industries, you're tracking potential resellers in Nutshell along with your in-house sales, you follow a unique account management or customers success post-sale process, or have a separate renewals pipeline, Nutshell will automate the placement of new leads into the correct pipeline.


To learn more about automatic lead distribution, click here.

Report on your pipelines

Measuring the success of each pipeline is critical to understanding the health of your business. How long is your sales cycle and onboarding process? What is your lead volume in each pipeline? Are leads getting stuck?


Create dashboard cards filtered by pipeline to keep tabs on pipeline performance. The metrics and pipeline cards are particular useful for monitoring multiple pipelines.


Funnel report

Filter your funnel report by pipeline to measure your sales cycle or understand project timelines. Click here to learn everything there is to know about the Nutshell funnel report.

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