How do I create an automated task list?
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Available on Nutshell Pro and above.

Create automated reminders to ensure that your reps are completing tasks on time. Keep up the momentum in your sales process by creating automated to do lists for your team.

Setting up an automated, recurring task list is easy and keeps your sales reps focused on winning leads by making sure they know what to do to build a relationship with your prospects.

You can define tasks that must be completed during each stage for every lead. Nutshell will automatically add these at the right stage.

Tasks might include prompts to make a call, prepare for a meeting, or other work that should be repeated for every lead.

When your stage goal is met, all tasks for that stage will be automatically skipped and your lead will move to the next stage.

Create tasks

Admins can set up tasks in the Sales automation section of your company settings. To add or edit task lists, click Edit next to your pipeline.


Click the + box in the Tasks section below the relevant stage.


Give your new task a title. This is all that’s required to create your new task.


If you’re done, click Add to save the task.


By default, your tasks will be automatically assigned to the lead owner (see user assignment for more on assigning your leads).


You can also choose to assign your tasks to individuals on your team who are best suited to complete the task, or to an entire team (for example, you may wish to assign a customer onboarding task to your account management team).

Note that choosing an assignee here does not reassign the lead, it simply assigns the task to the selected team member.

Due date

You can apply a relative due date to your time sensitive tasks, to ensure that no one’s missing their opportunities.

The relative time frames available for due dates are:

  • Day

  • Hour

  • Month

  • Business day

  • Business hour

The triggers available to start the clock on your due date are:

  • After the prior task is completed

  • After the lead is opened

  • After the stage is entered



You have the option of including a description of the task to coach your team.

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