Assign leads to your sales reps
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Assign leads to your reps so they know exactly which deals they're in charge of winning.

There are a variety of ways to assign leads to your reps. Click on each one to learn how!

Assign during the lead creation process

If you're in the process of manually creating a lead, you'll have the option to choose the assignment. By default, Nutshell will assign leads you manually create from the + button to you; clicking into this field will allow you to assign the lead to whomever you'd like.

Clicking to remove the current assignee will create an unassigned lead, or automatically distribute leads according to your pipeline's user assignment rules.


Assign or reassign from an individual lead page

  1. On a lead page, click the Assignee dropdown

  2. Choose the new assignee. Your choice is automatically saved!


Assign or reassign multiple leads from the Leads page

You can bulk reassign leads with ease!

  1. Navigate to the Leads list page

  2. Check the boxes next to the leads you wish to reassign, or apply filters to narrow down your list and then click Edit in the lower right of the page

  3. Choose the new assignee in the dropdown

  4. Click Apply Changes


Assign during an import

You can easily assign leads to your team members during an import. Add a new column to your CSV file, then add the name of the user (case sensitive) to each row. Be sure you are spelling your assignee's name exactly the same in your file and in their Nutshell user profile! Click here for full importing instructions.


Automatically assign leads to your reps

Set up rules to trigger automatic lead assignment amongst your sales reps. These rules will trigger whenever a new lead is added to one of your pipelines via a form or an import.

To apply your auto-assignment rules when you create leads manually in Nutshell, select Auto-assign from the assignment dropdown. Choosing the name of a teammate or team in this dropdown will override any existing automatic assignment rules.


Create rules

User assignment rules are included in Nutshell sales automation, and trigger based on what stage a lead is in throughout your pipeline.

By default, if you do not set up any user assignment, your new leads will be unassigned or assigned to their creator if added individually.

When you select a team as the assignee for leads entering a pipeline stage, you can check the box next to Round-robin to automatically distribute the leads evenly amongst the members of the team.

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