Migrate your HubSpot CRM data to Nutshell
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You can easily migrate your HubSpot data into Nutshell in a few quick steps.

How do I get my data out of HubSpot?

You can export your contacts, companies, and deals from HubSpot by following these instructions in their help center. Make sure that you choose CSV as your file format!

What can I import into Nutshell?

You can directly import all of the contact information for your companies, people, and leads. If you have customized data to import, you’ll need to set up those fields in Nutshell before you complete your import (click on each one to learn more):

Still curious about exactly what you can import? You can see a full list of all the data you can import into Nutshell here.

How do I import my data into Nutshell?

Once you’re confident that you’re ready to import your files, follow the steps in this article to get your data into Nutshell.

HubSpot’s terminology is a little different from Nutshell’s. This handy chart will help you determine how to import your contacts and deals to the right places in Nutshell.


What order should I import my files in?

  1. Companies

  2. People

  3. Leads

We recommend importing your companies first, because the companies that you work with are the foundation of all your data.


After you import your companies, go ahead and import your people.

Finally, import your deals! We recommend importing your deals last, because they often include company and people information too.

Pro Tip

If any of your files have duplicated information, like company or contact names, make sure to check the box to “match duplicates based on name and/or email” in the preview section of your import. This will ensure that you don’t have any duplicated people or companies in your Nutshell account, so your data stays clean and organized!

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