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Outcomes: Why are you losing and canceling leads?
Outcomes: Why are you losing and canceling leads?
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Track and report on the reasons your deals are falling through to understand how to improve your sales.

Outcomes are a simple way to categorize the reasons your deals aren't closing. This information is critical to understanding how you can win more business.

Whenever you lose or cancel a lead, Nutshell will present a drop-down menu to select the reason for closing the lead. Pre-defining your outcomes will ensure that your entire team is selecting from a standard list of options for quick and easy reporting.

Create outcomes

  1. Add your outcomes under the Lost and Cancelled sections


To remove an outcome, hover your mouse over the outcome and click the red X on the left side:


Auto close (sales automation)

Admins can configure sales automation to automatically close a lead with a certain outcome in any stage after a certain amount of time. To set this up, visit sales automation setup and choose your pipeline. Click on the stage name of a stage where you'd like leads to automatically close, then select the timeframe and outcome:


Auto close (sales process)

Teams with the sales process functionality can turn on the auto close feature in the Outcomes section of Setup. This is useful for automatically closing leads if they reach the expected close date without being assigned to anyone on your team.

Create an outcome specifically for auto-closed leads: For example, you can cancel the lead with the outcome "Not contacted" or "Not assigned."


When you see that your number of auto-closed leads is nearing the number of closed leads assigned to one of your sales reps in a given period, it might be time to hire!

Report on outcomes

You can easily compare the value of your lost business by outcome in Nutshell's built-in Losses report.

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