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Industries help you identify your customer's company classifications.

Industries are a great way to differentiate and organize the kinds of companies you add to Nutshell. Use industries to help categorize the different types of companies you interact with on a daily basis—are they a retail vendor, accounting firm, doctor's office, grocery store, or software company? Create industries in Nutshell to easily access and filter your lists.

Nutshell will give you 35 default industries to start with. You can also create new industries, or edit and remove existing industries, as you like.

Create a new Industry

  1. Click + Add industry...

  2. Name the industry and click New industry to save your new industry


Edit an existing Industry

  1. Click the industry name

  2. Edit the industry name and click Save industry


Delete an industry

  1. Hover your mouse over the industry you want to delete; a red X will appear in the lower left corner of the industry name. Click this X.

  2. Nutshell will ask you, "Are you sure you want to delete this industry?" If necessary, choose an industry to replace this industry on any companies that have already been classified. You can also choose None if you want to remove this industry from all applied companies altogether.

  3. Click Delete industry to delete this industry.


Filter by industry

Industries are an awesome way to filter companies, people, or leads in Nutshell.

  1. Click Companies, People, or Leads

  2. Click the filter button

  3. Search for, or click on, Industry


Create custom reports based on industry

You can use filters to run lead reports based on your companies' industries.

  1. Click Reports

  2. Choose the Sales, Losses, New leads, Forecast, Custom, Snapshots, Activity {Pro}, or Funnel {Pro} report.

  3. Click the filter button

  4. Search for, or click on, Industry (listed under the Companies filters)



Why not use Company types?

Company types describe the company's relation to you, i.e. whether they are a customer, prospect, supplier, vendor, or competitor. Industries are used to describe the type of business they are, i.e. a web developer, consulting firm, medical lab, law office, or software company.

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