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Add territories to Companies and People [Nutshell Pro]
Add territories to Companies and People [Nutshell Pro]
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Define geographic regions, and use them to auto-assign leads to the right sales rep!

Why use territories?

Territories define specific geographic regions that your company uses to organize and assign leads. Nutshell will automatically add a territory to any company or person with an address that falls into your defined territories.

For example, create a territory called “New England” that includes Massachusetts and Vermont, or “New York Metro” that includes everything within 25 miles of New York City. If you have sales reps or teams in charge of certain geographic territories, setting up these geographic boundaries in Nutshell will be sure that your new contacts are auto-assigned the correct territory to prevent potential customers from slipping through the cracks.

Once your territory rules are created, you can avoid the labor of assigning leads to the right sales rep. Click here to learn important FAQs about lead auto-assignment.

Setting up territories

Administrators can create territories under Company settings > Territories. You can create territories based on country, city, state, postal code, or phone area code. Phone area code territories will apply to any person or company with a phone number on their page that contains that area code.


When using the more precise locations (City and Postal Code), you can add a mile/kilometer radius to expand the range of addresses that will fall into this territory. The "within x mi (km)" radius will be based on a straight line rather than driving distance.


Territory order

Nutshell processes this list from the top down. Place your most precise territories at the top (e.g. cities and postal codes), and wider-ranging territories at the bottom.

For example, if you have reps in New York, Florida, Missouri, and Indiana, and a team that handles the rest of the United States, your individual state territories should be at the top of the list, and a "United States" territory should be at the bottom. Otherwise, all of your contacts with US addresses will be placed in the broader US territory. You can reorder your territories easily by dragging and dropping the territory box using the icon in the top right corner.

Auto-assignment options based on territory

Assign leads to users and teams

After you create one or more territories, you can use the automatic lead assignment option in Nutshell sales automation to assign leads to sales reps or teams based on territory.

Assign sales processes to leads [Nutshell Pro]

Nutshell Pro customers can set up automatic triggers to assign a specific pipeline to leads based on their territory. For example, if your company acts as a distributor in most of the country but are a direct supplier in a few states, you might have a separate sales process for leads in those territories. Click here to learn how to distribute leads into different pipelines based on territory.

Filter lists by territory

You can also filter by territories from the Companies, People, and Leads pages.


Recalculating territories


When you modify and save your territories, Nutshell will ask if you want to recalculate all territories using the new rules.

If you recalculate, Nutshell will update the territories on all your existing Companies, People, and their associated Leads based on how their addresses fall into your new geographic boundaries.

If you preserve existing territories, Nutshell will only apply your new territory rules going forward to newly added Companies, People, and Leads.

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