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Add tags to bucket your companies, people, and leads to easily filter information.

Tags are used to customize the way your company organizes data. You can generate lists of companies, people, and leads based on their tags. These lists are helpful for prioritizing your contacts and leads, sending bulk emails, and reporting.

Tags are used differently than custom fields—use a tag like a label to create groups such as everyone you met at last week's conference, or for contacts that reside in specific timezones. If you need to collect certain information for every new company, person, or lead in Nutshell, we recommend using a custom field instead.

Create tags

To create tags, you can type them in on the fly while working on any company, person, or lead page. To keep your team organized, administrators can view, edit, add, and remove all tags from the Setup menu.

If you need to import tags from a CSV file, they must be created in Setup first.


You can create different tags for companies, people, and leads. On the left side of the page, you can select which entity to create tags for.

  1. Choose Lead, Company, or Person

  2. Click "Add tag..." and enter the name of the tag

  3. Choose a tag color (Optional)

  4. Click Add to save the tag

Choose a tag color

When creating a tag, you have the option to assign a color to the tag by clicking the circle on the right and selecting a color of your choice. Alternatively, you can choose a color for each tag directly from the tags table by clicking on the circle in the 'Color' column for the desired tag.

Apply tags to companies, people, and leads

The link to add tags will appear below the names of companies, people, and leads. Simply click "Add tags" to view a drop-down menu of tags. You'll see all available tags, along with the number of other people, companies, or leads containing that tag. Click on a tag to select it. The tag will be automatically saved.

If you're creating a new tag, you'll see the option to + Create the tag. Simply click on it when you've finished typing in your tag.


Filter by tags

When viewing the companies, people, and leads lists, you can filter by tags. Choose to filter your list by those who do or do not have a tag, and click Add filter to filter by multiple tags at once.


When filtering by multiple tags, use the and/or option for maximum flexibility.


Reporting using tags

From Nutshell reports, you can filter your leads using tags to analyze lead information in a way that is customizable to your business needs. Once you have the filtered data you want, the report details, report chart, and lead list are exportable from the three dots in the upper right corner.


Bulk edit: Add and remove tags

You can use the Edit all function to add or remove tags from a large number of items. This button is in the bottom-right corner of your list of companies, people, and leads.


After you choose the fields you'd like to edit, remember to click Apply changes in the lower right corner of the Edit all popup dialog.

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