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SQL Access for Nutshell Enterprise customers
SQL Access for Nutshell Enterprise customers
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Nutshell offers API access to customers on all plans: it’s a part of our commitment that the data you store in Nutshell belongs to you.

For customers on a Nutshell Enterprise plan, we offer the possibility to access all your data in Nutshell via standard SQL client. Data is stored in tables which are normalized using industry standards. You will need a MySQL client over a secure connection to access this data. We will work with you to determine the appropriate tool for securing data transit (i.e. VPN connection, TLS encryption).

Configuring SQL access requires a conversation with our team to understand your use case and to set up appropriate credentials.

SQL access is read-only, and intended for advanced reporting and analytics needs. It will not allow data to be edited or added to Nutshell.

Who is this for?

This is for customers who have the need for deep, ongoing custom reports which are accessed by custom software or business intelligence (BI) systems like Looker, Power BI or Tableau.

You will need staff with experience crafting SQL queries, and a tool to display results (either for use in another connected system, or in a graphing tool like Google Data Studio).

This tool is also useful as a part of an ETL (extract, transform, load) system which takes data from Nutshell and adds it to a data warehouse for further analysis, connected with other systems.

Who should skip this?

If you don’t have staff with SQL experience, this is probably not a useful tool for you. And, if you are looking for a one-off project, the ramp-up times might limit the utility.

This feature is not intended for fulltext search and analysis. Data is stored in a classic relational format. To use this data for fulltext search, or for deep reporting, you should use an ETL process to place this data in an appropriate format (i.e. a warehouse like AWS Redshift or Google BigQuery).

You will not be able to join the data in Nutshell with other systems directly via SQL Access. For these purposes, we would also recommend extracting from Nutshell, and inserting it into a data warehouse for combined analysis.


Your Nutshell SQL access connection will be available 24/7. Access is subject to restrictions on excessive bandwidth transfer. This feature is currently in Early Access, and we will continue to evolve the offering based on your feedback.

Contact our team to learn more and set up SQL access.

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