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Customize your new Nutshell account settings
Customize your new Nutshell account settings
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Start by setting up the basic settings and defaults across your whole account in General settings.

Click on Settings to view and edit your general settings.


Add your...

  • Company name

  • Your company's logo (full-width)

  • A square logo (shows when browser is resized down)

Make your Nutshell account feel like home! This is your team's software.

Reporting units

Edit the following settings to ensure that your sales and your team member's quotas are reported on correctly. Your due dates for tasks and sales process to-dos will automatically be established around your company's working hours used here:

  • Start of work week

  • Start of fiscal year

  • Business hours

Data entry defaults

Customizing these fields will be helpful for internationalizing your account. Nutshell defaults to the United States for phone numbers, addresses, and currency, but Nutshell customers in other countries can adjust these defaults. Note that Markets will need to be created before they can be added to your account default.

  • Default market

  • Default phone code

  • Default address

Nutshell Intelligence

Time zones can be edited per user, within the Account Settings section.

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