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Get a full screen wallboard
Get a full screen wallboard
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Want a feed of your sales data to show on a screen for the whole team? Use the Nutshell Wallboard to show key sales metrics to everyone.

Two significant sales motivators, beyond compensation, are competition and recognition. Use the Nutshell Wallboard to display your sales team's efforts to everyone in the company, promote competition against previous numbers, and keep everyone motivated!

What is on the board?

  1. Today's sales vs. yesterday's sales as a percentage

  2. This month's sales

  3. This month's sales vs. last month's as a percentage

  4. A year-over-year comparison of sales this month to the same month last year

  5. Top sales this month


How do I open the wallboard?

  1. Click on Reports

  2. Click on Launch Wallboard

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