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Tracking trends over time using the snapshots report
Tracking trends over time using the snapshots report
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Available on Nutshell Pro and above.

Use Nutshell's snapshots report to see how your business is evolving at a glance.

Snapshots are a collection of charts that give you the ability to track key business trends and see how your pipeline growth, win rate, and sales-cycle length have evolved over time. No other CRM offers daily trend information on your business.

Where to find

Snapshots can be found in the reports tab (shown below). In the reports section called Insights is where you will find Snapshots.

How to use

In snapshots, you can choose the time period you’d like to review and filter by certain attributes. The filters can be found at the top of the screen. Any filtering done here will reflect in all snapshots charts:


You can filter on:

  • Assignee (user or team)

  • Lead source

  • Territory

  • Pipeline

  • Product

Pipeline Size

The first snapshot report is your pipeline size. Use this snapshot to understand:

  • How your pipeline grown over time

  • How long it take a new sales rep to ramp up to a full pipeline

  • If your lead volume and lead value have grown at the same pace

This snapshot shows you:

  • The value and quantity of deals in your pipeline during the desired time range

  • The average number of deals open and the average deal size

  • The percentage change compared to the previous time range

The value of the pipeline in this snapshot is not adjusted for confidence.


Win rate

Win rate shows you the percentage of closed deals won during a given time range. Canceled leads can also be included (or not), since they refer to a lead that is not truly viable, for example; if it was not sales qualified based on a conversation, a duplicate lead or a lead that included fake information.

In this snapshot you can see:

  • Number of leads closed

  • Number of leads won

  • Your win rate

  • The change in win rate compared to the previous period


Sales Cycle

Next is your sales cycle snapshot. This shows you, over time, your average time to win a lead. Each data point on the chart represents the average number of days it took to win the leads that were closed on that day.


Other interesting metrics from Snapshots include Activity Effort and Leads on Time. Activity Effort displays the number of activities that were completed each day. You can track this number against the percentage of won leads and make correlations. The Leads on Time Snapshot displays the percentage of leads that are up to date, which means they have no overdue dates, activities or steps. This snapshot offers a way to check your planning accuracy.

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