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Android: Create Companies, People, and Leads
Android: Create Companies, People, and Leads
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Use Nutshell's mobile app to add contacts on the go.

Check out the short videos below to learn how to create companies, people, and leads via our mobile app for Android.

Create a Company

Company records can either be associated with individual companies you do business with, or serve as records of the locations where your contacts work.

With the Android mobile app, add a name, an optional description, a phone number, and an email address to your contacts.


Create a Person

People are the contacts that you do business with or wish to maintain a relationship with.

With the Android mobile app, you can add a name and an email address when creating contacts.


Create a Lead

Leads in Nutshell are your business opportunities with your companies and people.

With the mobile app you can quickly create leads for your companies and people, define their market, and even add products to the lead to give it a value.


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