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Get started with Nutshell on Android!

When you first download Nutshell, you’ll notice the following signup screen. If you have yet to sign up for a trial, give it a whirl! The trial is free, and the benefits are endless.



Once you log in, you’ll see the Home screen, which is a feed of all the good stuff that’s happening across your company.


To Do

Here, you can see a list of all your upcoming activities and tasks. It's a great way to see visualize your day, and keep in touch with your companies, people, and leads!


Navigation menu

In the top left-hand corner, you’ll see a menu button, which contains: Home icon, Companies/People/Leads icons, + icon (create button), Reports icon, Search icon, About icon, and Feedback & help icon.


Create companies, people, leads, activities, and tasks

Use the menu button and the + icon (create button) to quickly create companies, people, leads, activities, and tasks, and even scan business cards.


Companies, people, and leads

Each page will allow you to search based on name, phone number, email address, optional description, etc.

The companies and people pages will allow you to switch between the info page, where contact information can be found; the timeline, where a history of contact can be viewed; the leads page, which will show all historical leads for that company or person; and the to do page, which will give you a list of any activities and tasks you have with that entity.

You can also filter by lead statuses, on the Leads page. Learn more about Pending Leads.


You can scroll through templated reports like New leads, Pipeline, Sales, Win rate, Sales cycle, Activity effort, and Leads on time.

On the “Reports” page, you’ll see a filter icon in the upper right corner to choose different reporting parameters.


Lastly, the search icon allows you to browse through companies, people, and leads. You’ll immediately see all recently viewed entities. To search, tap the top and begin typing.


Tapping the bell icon in Nutshell will open a list of everything you've opted in to be notified about.


Feedback and help

On the navigation menu, just below the About section, is the Feedback & help page. You’ll be able to learn more about Nutshell through helpful knowledge base articles, and can reach out to our Customer Support team as well.

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