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Email sending limitations
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When Nutshell sends emails on your behalf, the emails are sent through your normal email provider. Your contacts won't know the difference between a Nutshell email and a personal email from you!

Email providers have some restrictions in place to ensure that your email account isn't flagged as a potential spammer, and Nutshell emails are bound by these same restrictions. Most email providers limit both the number of emails you can send in a 24 hour period and how quickly you can send out emails back-to-back.

While it can be a pain, these restrictions are a good thing, like eating your vegetables to earn dessert! If you've reached your email sending limits, your email provider will prevent Nutshell from sending any more emails from your account and you'll see a warning message inside your Nutshell inbox.


We recommend sending 300 to 500 emails per day to avoid any issues with email limits.

To learn more about the email sending limits of your provider, choose your email provider below:

โ€‹Office 365


If you exceed the number of daily messages in Gmail, your account will automatically reset and you'll be able to begin sending messages again in up to 24 hours.

G Suite users have a limit of 2,000 email messages per day. Click here to learn more.

Gmail (free account) users have a limit of 500 email messages per day. Click here to learn more.

Office 365

Office 365 users are limited by the following:

  • 10,000 sent email messages per day

  • 500 recipients total for a single email

  • 30 emails sent per minute

Nutshell will throttle your email sending so that you can send more than 30 at one time, but we do not recommend attempting to send more than 300 to 500 in a day. Click here to learn more.


If you use an email provider other than Google or Office 365 and are sending email in Nutshell via SMTP, you should check with your email provider to learn what email sending limitations they have in place.

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