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Can I send emails with attachments?
Can I send emails with attachments?
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You can send emails with attachments from Nutshell, and any attachments on emails you sync with Nutshell will be visible from your company, person, or lead's timeline.

Add an attachment

When composing an email to a company, person, or lead in Nutshell, click the paperclip icon to add an attachment.


Upload your file from your computer or any of the other options:


See attachments on synced emails

You can also view your email attachments when you send an email message with an attachment from an outside email provider (Gmail, O365, or BCC) that is synchronized with Nutshell. The email and attachment are both visible in the individual’s timeline.



Can I add an email attachment to a template or use one in a bulk email?

Due to general restrictions with email providers, Nutshell does not support sending bulk emails with attachments. Sending bulk emails with files attached can lead to a high likelihood of your domain being flagged as a potential spammer and we want to make sure that doesn't happen so your email deliverability remains consistent.

A good way to send a file to people in bulk while avoiding this restriction is to upload your file to your website and share the link to the file in your attached email.

How big can my attachments be?

The file size limit for email attachments is 5mb.

Will email attachments be included when I request a full export of all of my Nutshell data?

No, a full export will not include the files attached to emails you've sent from Nutshell; please contact our support team directly if you need assistance with this.

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