How do I hide and share emails?
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You can decide how synced emails are shared in Nutshell with other team members, or keep all your emails private. Additionally, as admin, you have the ability to add email addresses and internal domains to the company-wide blocklist.

Sometimes there are emails we do not need to share with all other teammates in Nutshell. Nutshell puts you in charge of which emails are shared, as well as how they are shared internally with other team members. Additionally, admin users can use the global blocklist and the internal domains list to ensure that certain emails never sync into your Nutshell account.

These instructions are for those using the Gmail or Office 365 email sync with Nutshell.

Choose your sharing settings

Begin by visiting the email sync settings tab to review your Nutshell email settings.

The most restrictive sharing setting is the option to automatically share no messages with your team. Your emails will still sync into Nutshell, but all messages will be private so only you can see them until you choose to share the specific emails that need to be visible to your team members.


Gmail sync option

If you have enabled 2-way email sync with Nutshell, you will have the option to either automatically share all of your emails to or from a Nutshell contact or choose to share only emails that are labeled 'Nutshell'.


Email blocklist

If there are content-sensitive emails, you have the option to block certain email addresses from ever coming into Nutshell. Simply add these email addresses in your Nutshell email blocklist.


Global email blocklist

Admin users can add specific emails to your company-wide blocklist. To add an email address to the global email block list, visit Company settings > Email security and click +Add email address.


Add an Internal domain to company-wide blocklist

In addition to adding specific email addresses to your company-wide blocklist, admin users can add internal domains to the company-wide blocklist. This allows you to specify which domains should be considered internal to your organization, ensuring that emails from these domains are not synced into your Nutshell account, for example a parent company with a different domain to yours.

To implement this measure, navigate to Company settings > Email security and click +Add internal domain

Find out more information on company-wide email blocklist and internal domains here.

Sharing and hiding emails

You have a personal inbox in Nutshell - a place to share and unshare email. You are the only one who can see your inbox.

Emails from mail sync have an option to share with or hide from your team. Emails which are not being shared with other users will be labeled Private, providing you with an option in the right-hand menu to share this email with everyone.


You can also share or hide emails from your company, people, and lead timelines. Private emails have a dotted line border and a link to share in the lower right corner:


Emails which are being shared with other users in Nutshell are in blue and have a red and white border along the left-hand side of the email. You will have the option to hide specific shared emails by clicking "Hide this email".

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