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Email templates
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You can send templated emails to companies, people, and leads in Nutshell to save time and keep your message on point.

Send emails using templates to keep your messages consistent across the board. Templates can also be used to send bulk emails to your contacts right inside of Nutshell! Learn more about sending bulk emails in this article.

Creating a new template

The first thing you’ll want to do is access your email inbox by clicking your Your email (the envelope icon in your sidebar). Once you’re in your inbox, click the Templates button on the bottom right.


Click the blue + Add new template button on the top right to begin! We’ll give you some pre-written template ideas to choose from or you can start a new template from scratch.


Next you’ll want to fill in the template name, email subject line, and template body. Use the formatting editor to up your email’s wow factor. You can add:

  • Bold, italicized, and underlined text

  • Bulleted lists

  • Hyperlinked text

  • Images

  • Smart fields that auto-fill with customer information (jump ahead to see available smart fields)

Psst: please do note that it is not possible to attach files to email templates in Nutshell. Files can only be attached to individual emails sent from a company, person, or lead page.

Add a signature

Do you want to include your email signature on every time you send this template? Check the box to Use your signature every time you email someone using this template. Haven’t created a signature yet? Don’t worry, we’ll link you to your email settings in case you need to create or edit your signature too.

Share your template

Is this an awesome template that you want to share with all of the colleagues in your Nutshell account? Check the box underneath your template that says Shared with everyone.

Save it!

Finally, save your new template using the green Save button on the bottom right corner of the pop-up.

P.S. Curious about that Add follow-up option on the left side of your template? Check out this article on email sequences to learn more. Email sequences are a Nutshell Pro feature for sending out a scheduled set of emails to individual contacts in Nutshell.

Smart fields

Smart fields are places in your template that auto-fill with specific data about the corresponding contact. You can think of them as shortcuts to give each email a personal touch. When you send bulk emails, the smart fields will auto-populate with the right information for each contact.

Pro tip: You can type a smart field into the subject line of your emails! Use {firstName}, {lastName}, or {companyName} to automatically insert those fields into your email subject. Don't forget to use the curly brackets!

Available smart fields

  • Company name

    • Inserts the primary company name into the email. If you are emailing a person or lead, Nutshell will automatically pull in the name of the first-listed associated company.

  • First name

    • Inserts the first name of the person you are emailing. If you are emailing a company or lead, Nutshell will automatically pull in the first name of the first-listed associated person.

  • Last name

    • Inserts the last name of the person you are emailing. If you are emailing a company or lead, Nutshell will automatically pull in the last name of the first-listed associated person.

How to add a smart field

  1. Place your cursor where you'd like to add the smart field to your template

  2. Click "Insert field" at the bottom of your email body

  3. Select your desired smart field



Placeholders allow you to add content to your email templates that you’ll be required to fill in later. It’s a great way to keep your messages personalized, but still on topic! These are especially useful if you're a manager creating email templates and sharing them with your sales reps. Add placeholders to remind them to fill in unique, custom information to their own emails.

Note that adding placeholders to your email templates will prevent the template from being used in email automation.

How to add placeholders

  1. Place your cursor where you'd like to add the placeholder to your template

  2. Click "Insert field" at the bottom of your email body

  3. Select "Placeholder"

  4. Type your placeholder reminder into the pop-up

  5. Click the blue checkmark to add it to the template


Don‘t worry, we won‘t let you send an email before you replace your placeholders. We'll prompt you to fill those placeholders in before we send out the email.

Pro tip: Email templates with placeholders need to be sent individually so that you can fill in your custom text before you send it off. If you are creating generic templates that you'd like to send in bulk, don't add placeholders!

Edit, rename, share, or archive an existing template

You can always edit, rename, and archive the templates that you’ve already created in Nutshell. Click the three dots to the right of any template to edit the template subject line and body or rename the template to make it easier to find.


Share a template

You can share a template with your team by editing the template and checking that Shared with everyone box. Just remember to click save when you’re finished sharing.


Any templates that have been shared with you by other teammates will appear automatically underneath your Shared with me section. You are not able to archive or edit templates that have been created by others and shared with you.

Archive a template

Archive a template to take it out of commission. Templates can only be archived in Nutshell, just in case you decide later that it was a good template all along and want to bring it back. Archived templates will be stored at the bottom of your email templates page and can be restored using the three dots next to the archived template.


Send emails using your templates

Templates can be used from a Company, Person, or Lead page in Nutshell that has an email address associated with it. Click "Send an email..."on a Company, Person, or Lead page to begin using templates.


You'll see an email composer pop up where you can create a new email from scratch or choose your templates and sequences:


You can also choose from any of your single-email templates (sequences can only be sent individually) when sending messages in bulk from your list view. Select the contacts that you want to email, click Email in the bottom right corner, and click on the template that you’d like to send. Click Send email to all recipients to fire off your messages, all at once.


You can learn even more about sending bulk emails from Nutshell in this article.

Gain insights into how your templates are performing

We love data here at Nutshell and we’ve added some snazzy information to your email templates. The first is the “last sent” date, which will update every time you send a new email using this template. You can sort your templates by to see the oldest or most recently sent. Click on Last sent to see that blue arrow appear and click again to change the order.


The second is the reply percentage. When you send a templated email to someone and they send you an email back, Nutshell will count that email from your contact as a reply. This number will always reflect the percentage of people who are replying to any email you send using that specific template. You can sort your templates by these percentages too. Click on Reply % to see that blue arrow appear and click again to change the order.

Click on any template to see specific details about how many times you've sent that template and how many people have opened your emails.


The email icon on the top right corner shows you how many times this template has been sent. The eyeball icon represents how many times this email template has been opened and viewed by its recipients. If these are shared templates, the numbers reflect total sends and views (from all team members and recipients).


Is there a limit to the number of templates I can have?

No. You can create an unlimited number of templates.

Can I still use shortcodes instead of smart fields?

Yes, Nutshell's available shortcodes are:

  • {firstName}

  • {lastName}

  • {companyName}

These short codes can be used in email template subject lines and email bodies.

What happens if I accidentally send an email with the last name shortcode but they don't have a last name? Will it show the shortcode in the email?

No. We will never send an email with a raw shortcode in the email! Nutshell will leave that space blank, and if you're sending a bulk email we'll give you the option to only email contacts that fulfill all the shortcodes.

My shortcodes aren't working. What's wrong?

Be sure that you're using curly brackets and not square brackets.

Correct: {}

Incorrect: []

Do you still have questions about email templates? Send us an email at We’ll be glad to help.

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