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Organizing your emails in Nutshell
Organizing your emails in Nutshell
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All of your emails in Nutshell are housed in separate folders to keep you organized. See all your daily email activity at a glance.

All of your email folders can be accessed by clicking Your email (the envelope icon in your sidebar).


Let's dive into what you see there!


Your inbox shows all of the emails that you’ve received from your contacts.


How to get email into your inbox

If you have an email sync enabled with Gmail or Office 365, you’ll see all of your synced emails from your contacts here in your inbox. We separate your messages by day so that you can easily see every email that you received on a given day. Click on any email to expand it and see the full message (and click again to close it back up).

If you’re adding emails to Nutshell by forwarding them to, you’ll see the emails from your contacts in the inbox as well (learn more about forwarding messages into Nutshell in this article).

Email visibility

Private emails in your inbox have a gray Private icon before the subject line and are in a light gray box. This means that these emails are private and are only visible to you. If you’d like to share an email with the rest of your team, click the three dots on the far right side of the email and click Share.


Emails that are visible to everyone in your team’s Nutshell account are in a white box and do not have that Unshared icon next to the subject line. If you’d like to hide a public email from your team, click the three dots on the far right side of the email and click Unshare.


You can also delete emails from Nutshell using the three dots on the right side of any message. Click the red Delete button to remove the email. Deleting an email will remove it from every place it appeared inside of your account (all timelines and activity reports).

Sent folder

The sent folder is your outbox and we separate this folder by day as well. Emails that you send from inside of Nutshell are always public and visible to your team and you can also delete sent emails from Nutshell using those three dots on the right side of any message.


Scheduled messages [Nutshell Pro]

Nutshell Pro customers can schedule automated sequences of emails to their contacts. Learn more about creating email sequences in this article!

When you start sending an email sequence to one of your contacts, you’ll see all of the subsequent emails in your Scheduled folder. We send the first email right away and schedule the rest according to your sequence timing.

Scheduled emails will appear with a blue Scheduled message to the right of the subject line and are organized based on the day they will go out. The time that each email will send is listed on the right side of the message.


Do you want to see the messages that have already sent too? Click the three dots on the right side of the email and click View sequence to see all the emails. Emails that have already been sent will have a green Sent message to the right of the subject line.


Did you get an automated “out of office” response to your first email? Make sure you’re hitting their inbox at the right time by delaying the rest of your sequence, Click the three dots on the right side of the next scheduled email to apply a delay. You can delay sequences by 1 business day or by 1 week. These will apply to all of the rest of the emails in your sequence, so delaying your second email by a week will also push back the send date of your third email (and so on).


Stop the rest of any scheduled sequence by clicking the three dots to the right of the email and clicking Delete. This will delete all of the remaining emails in the sequence at once, and Nutshell will double-check with you first.


Failed emails

Any emails that failed to send out of Nutshell will appear in your Failed email box. You can delete failed emails from this box using the three dots on the right side of any message.


Are you seeing lots of failed emails? Check your email health to see if you’ve hit your daily sending limit.

Email health

Nutshell gives you a way to check in on how many emails you’ve sent (or scheduled to send) that day. This helps you stay in the green and avoid throttling from your email provider. This email health window can be checked from all of your email box pages.


You can learn more about email health and how to keep your Nutshell emailing healthy in this article.

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