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See exactly where your leads are in your pipeline, drag-and-drop them between stages, and close leads without leaving the page.

In Nutshell's easy interface, keeping track of your leads is a breeze with our drag-and drop pipeline view. Before you can effectively use the lead board, you'll need to define your pipeline stages in Nutshell. Click here to learn how!

Use the Nutshell lead board to:

  • Manage your deals in the most convenient way

  • Minimize time and energy you spend on data entry

  • Quickly see what needs to be done next

  • Keep tabs on the health of your pipeline


How to use

On the upper right side of your leads view, choose Board.


Each stage in your sales process will be listed across the top, and leads will be shown as cards below the stage they're in.


Each stage is a separate column that also shows the number of leads in that stage and the total value of those leads.

Sort your board

It's imperative to focus on the most important deals first throughout your day. To make this easy, sort the leads in your pipeline board by value, close date, open date, or next activity start time.


Filter your leads

Three of the most common lead filters are shown at the top of your lead board. Click on one of the gray boxes to quickly filter by lead assignee, status, priority (Hot Lead), and pipeline (for Nutshell Pro teams only).


The blue filter button on the left opens a drawer with all of your advanced filtering options.


Adding filters to your lead board can help you focus on a group of specific leads.

Lead actions from the board

Working with lead cards from your pipeline board is easy! Each card shows the lead name, value, assignee, and the primary person associated with the lead, along with days overdue (if applicable).

Calling and emailing

Click the menu button to quickly make a call, call & record, or send an email right from the card.


Changing stage

When you're ready to move a lead to the next stage, simply drag and drop the lead over.


Closing leads

Leads can be closed directly from your pipeline board. Win, lose, or cancel a lead without leaving the page.


Customize your lead cards

Have you ever wished you could customize what information is displayed on your lead cards? Well, great news—admin users can easily customize lead cards per-pipeline to align with the unique needs of your team and company. Check out our article on customizing your lead cards to learn more!

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