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Close a lead by changing the lead status
Close a lead by changing the lead status
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Effectively track your sales in Nutshell by changing the status of your leads.

You can close a lead with three statuses: won, lost or cancelled.

When you make a sale, you will change the lead's status to "won". Won leads are automatically included in all sales reports and will count towards your monthly quota, if you have one. Once a lead is won, it is considered a sale and is no longer included as a part of your pipeline.

If a sale doesn't happen and the lead falls through, you'll chose the lost or cancelled status. To track and understand why some leads don't work out, you can set up different outcomes. For example, you may want to track leads that were lost to a competitor vs. leads lost because of an inadequate budget. You can then use the Losses report in Nutshell and segment by Outcomes to report on this data.

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Winning a lead


When you click "Won," a dialog box will prompt you to confirm and finalize the pricing of the products. After a lead has been won, its value will be added to the Sales section of the Metrics Card on your dashboard and will be moved from Pipeline to Sales to Date in your forecast reports.

Losing a lead


When you click "Lost," a dialog box will prompt you to confirm why the lead was lost and to choose which competitors snagged the lead from you (if you added a competitor to the lead.)


  • Not the right time

  • Lost to competitor

  • Deal fell through

Cancelling a lead


Canceling may mean that your team canceled the lead due to requirements that were not met, as opposed to the company or person backing out (Losing a lead).


  • Did not meet requirements

  • Going out of business

  • Unwilling to do business


The outcomes will also appear in the "Outcome" column of your leads list:


Click here to learn how to configure outcomes.

Closing multiple leads at once

If you need to close a group of leads, for example, cancelling a list of leads imported from a bad source, by using the bulk edit functionality in Nutshell.

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