Identify sales trends with lead charts
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Charts provide you with quick insight into key aspects of your leads and help you identify trends in your team's sales! This helps you know what to focus on to strengthen your sales prospects.

Where do I find my charts?

All of your lead charts are located on the all leads page. Access your charts by clicking the Leads tab on your navigation sidebar and selecting Chart on the top right side of the screen.


What are charts?

Charts provide snapshots of your leads based on specific information. You can quickly see how many leads exist for each data point and their total value. View your charts based on lead quantity or lead value by toggling between them below that top chart.

You can also generate customized charts using absolutely any criteria you need by clicking the blue filter button on the top left of the screen and selecting the filters you want to report on. You can learn more about filtering here.


What are the different types of charts?

The bar along the top of the chart view is a quick snapshot of some key sales data, like overall win rate and the average lifetime of a lead.

The top chart is an overview of the total number of leads and their values for a given time period. You're able to sort this main chart based on the open or closed date of the leads and choose to group them by day, week, month, quarter, or year.

The bars represent the total number of leads that were open or closed during that time period (day, week, month, etc.). The blue line represents the total value of those leads so you can easily identify high or low performing dates and notice patterns. Hover over any bar or dot on the line to see the exact numbers.


The rest of the charts are based on these key points:

  • Assignee

  • Stage

  • Product

  • Outcome

  • Source

  • Tag

  • Competitor

  • Territory

  • Age

  • Value

Click on any chart to get a closer look! You can also hover over each bar of these charts to see the total number of leads and their value as well.

Using charts to identify trends

Charts help you identify trends in your team's sales by easily breaking down leads into data sets based on specific information, like products and territories. Looking at your charts is a quick way to determine which aspects of your leads you should focus on to strengthen your sales prospects.

For example, this is a chart showing all of the products that we've sold using our leads. Here we can see that the product Feasibility Study was included on 296 leads and we know that it has generated leads totaling $444,000, so we can conclude that it's a pretty valuable product.


Charts are a great way to get additional insight into your leads and figure out what things might be working really well (or maybe not so well) for your team. Check out this training video to learn about even more reporting tools.

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