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Maps in Nutshell: view people, companies, and leads on a map
Maps in Nutshell: view people, companies, and leads on a map
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Nutshell maps show your where your contacts are distributed so you can make informed decisions!

You're consistently on the go, and the ability to pull up Nutshell Maps and to find which Companies, People, or Leads are nearby is such a valuable resource. Now, you have the ability to schedule an activity, or get directions from Google Maps, with one click in Nutshell Maps.

Where is Nutshell Maps?

Nutshell Maps is the last tab on the Companies, People, or Leads

  1. Click Companies, People, or Leads

  2. Click Map


Get directions

Similar to scheduling activities via Nutshell Maps, you can get directions to People directly from Nutshell.

  1. Click Companies, People, or Leads on the map

  2. Click Google Maps

  3. This will link out directly to Google Maps for your convenience


Scheduling activities

You can schedule activities with your Companies, People, or Leads directly from Maps!

  1. Click the Companies, People, or Leads on the map

  2. Click Schedule activity

  3. Once you've entered your activity details, click Save or Save & close

Find me feature

The Find me feature will utilize the location sharing services provided via your web browser to find your location on the map. You'll need to enable location sharing. Follow these instructions to enable it in your browser

See the world feature

The See the world feature will zoom out as far as possible to show the world

Filtering Companies, People, or Leads

If you filter your Companies, People, or Leads, those filters will apply to the map! For example, you're trying to find Companies, People, or Leads with a specific tag and a specific Company type. Once you set those filters, the map will provide you a visual of where those Companies, People, or Leads are.


Can I change the color of pins?

The color of pins cannot be customized, but with the power of Nutshell's advanced filtering, you can save your list of filters to come back to the same view, or compare against your results against a different list. Exporting your filtered list of prospects to a spreadsheet is easy, and can be done by clicking the three-dots in the upper right-corner of your map.


Can I see Hot Leads on the Map View?

Yes! You can filter for only Hot Leads leads on the map view of the leads page to see those business deals most important to you. They will even be highlighted in orange!


Why doesn't the location of the pin match the location in Google maps?

Nutshell, similar to other CRMs, uses MapBox to show you an approximate location of where your contacts reside. While MapBox may not be as unerring as Google Maps, you are given a direct pathway to the exact location as well as driving directions from your current location, right from within the map itself.

Why is this Person showing up on the map at a different address than what is listed on their Person page?

When looking at your people on the Map view, if a Person has an associated Company, we'll include the primary address of that Company in the list of available addresses to display. Our Map will then take into consideration which address is closer to the middle of the displayed portion currently in view and choose to display that address.

Is the map view available on the mobile app?

Yes! Nutshell Maps are available on the iOS app. Pro tip: Tapping on an address will open the location on Google/Apple Maps for easy directions to visit your prospects and customers!

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