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Upload/attach files to Companies, People, and Leads
Upload/attach files to Companies, People, and Leads
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Need to keep track of documents, proposals, photos, or other files in the same place as your contacts?

You can upload/attach files to Companies, People, and Leads from Box, Google Drive, via a URL (Web images), or using your computer camera (Take Picture).

How to upload a file

  1. Navigate to any company, person, or lead page that you'd like to attach a file

  2. Click the Upload File button on the right-hand side of the page, OR drag the file into your browser window

  3. Browse "My Computer" to add files from your local computer or choose a different source to upload a file from


Where can I upload files from?

  • Your local computer

  • Web Images: search Wikipedia, Flickr, and Google Image for images

  • Link (URL)

  • Take a picture: this will use your computer's camera to snap a picture


Is there a storage limit?

There is no storage limit!

Is there a file size upload limit?

Yes, we limit file sizes to 50MB.

I accidentally connected the wrong Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive account! How do I disconnect it?

Click the integration you accidentally connected, and you'll see an option to "sign out" just to the right of it. Click that, and it will disconnect the account.

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