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How do I detect and merge duplicate Companies, People, and Leads?
How do I detect and merge duplicate Companies, People, and Leads?
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Nutshell detects duplicates for you to help you stay organized.

Use our duplicate filter to find duplicates in Nutshell, and merge them together. Or, use the automatic duplicate identification tool to help you keep track of duplicate contacts.

Individual Duplicate Identification

When you open up a Company or Person's individual page in Nutshell, you may see a 'Duplicate?' button. This button indicates that this Company or Person may have a possible duplicate in Nutshell.


Click on 'Duplicate?,' and then you can easily merge the two or select, 'Not a duplicate.'


The page that you are currently on will always be maintained, and the Company or Person in the pop-up window will be merged into the Company or Person you're currently viewing.

Duplicate Filter

To filter your Companies and People for possible duplicates:

  1. Click on the filter icon

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of filters, and click on Duplicates


Nutshell will now show a complete list of possible duplicate companies or people. You can easily click into a single record and merge with possible duplicates on the individual Company, Person, or Lead page; or bulk edit and merge these duplicates.

Bulk merge Companies, People, and Leads

On the Company, People, and Lead lists you can click to select multiple contacts at once and choose to merge them into a single record.

  1. On the Companies, People, and Lead page click the records you want to merge.

  2. Click 'Merge' in the lower right-hand corner of the list.


It's important to note that if you choose to bulk merge data, the first record selected will become the master record. Once a merge is done, it cannot be undone.


Will I lose data if I merge?

Fields that allow for multiple values (such as a phone number, address, or tag) will have the new information added to them. Any custom fields, however, or labels will have the master record label applied.

Will activities, notes, emails, and leads be included when I merge?

All of the information in the company or person timeline will merge to the master record. This includes emails, notes, activities, and tasks. Any open leads associated with the duplicate entry will also be merged to the master record.

How does Nutshell identify duplicates?

We use the same typo-proof engine that powers our universal search to detect duplicates. So, it will suggest that Andy Fowler and Andrew Fowler might be the same person. When you click, 'Not a duplicate' we will use that data to improve our future matches.

Why are some of my identical contacts not showing duplicate buttons?

Nutshell stops flagging duplicate people once there are 7 (or more) people with the same name listed in your account. Duplicate companies stop getting flagged once there are 5 (or more) companies with the same name. Nutshell assumes these entries are intentional and will not flag them.

What can I do to stop duplicates from getting into Nutshell in the first place?

Check out our handy guide for preventing duplicates in Nutshell!

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