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How to react and comment on timeline entries and mention your teammates
How to react and comment on timeline entries and mention your teammates
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Learn how to collaborate with your team members by reacting, commenting and mentioning them on logged activities and notes in Nutshell

React and comment on timeline entries

When you see an interesting item in your company's feed, like a great email to a customer or a phone call that needs some attention, you can add an emoji reaction or comment on it.

To react with an emoji, simply select your emoji. To comment on an activity, note, email, activity, ticket, or chat, select the speech bubble and the Write a comment field will appear. Type in your note, then hit the green check mark to apply your comment.


Mention teammates in Nutshell on comments, notes, and activities

Want to call a teammates attention to your note, or comment? Mention other teammates in Nutshell to draw attention to important notes and activities.

Teammates in Nutshell that are subscribed to receive notifications get a notification when mentioned in a note or comment.

To mention a teammate, just follow the steps below!

  1. Type '@' (the "at" symbol) to pull up a list of teammates, companies, people, and leads you can mention.

  2. Start typing the name of your teammate you want to mention, and either click to select or hit Enter/Return on your keyboard

  3. Continue typing your message and click Save note, or Log activity.


Notifications for commenting and mentioning teammates

When you comment, Nutshell teammates in the original activity are notified (based on their notification settings). As others join your comment thread, anybody who comments on an item receives a notification of subsequent replies. You can configure how you receive these notifications in your notification settings.

Nutshell enabled notifications for mentions by default.


To learn more about customizing notifications in Nutshell, review our notifications article here.

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