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How do I edit, bulk edit, and delete companies, people, and leads?
How do I edit, bulk edit, and delete companies, people, and leads?
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Want to make updates, edit, or even delete your existing companies, people, and leads?

Look no further! Read on to learn how you bulk edit and delete large groups at once, or even update and delete individual records as you go about your day.

Edit individual companies, people, and leads

Do you have a page in Nutshell with contact information that is out of date, or where there is an error in the way a person, company, or lead was imported? To make manual edits to reflect a more accurate depiction of your contacts or leads in Nutshell, just follow the easy steps below!

  1. Find the person, company, or lead you would like to edit

  2. On the page for your company, person, or lead, hover your mouse over the field you would like to edit and then click on that field

  3. Make your edits

  4. Some fields have a green check mark to click to confirm your edits, while others will automatically apply when you click out of the field

Editing allows you to correct typos, delete unnecessary information, add information to existing fields, or make updates to information that was incorrectly added or has since changed.


Would you like a specific field to exist on one of these pages that do not come out-of-the-box with your Nutshell account? Check out this article on how to create custom fields in Nutshell company settings. This is great when you need to add fields to pages such as birthdays, important dates, and other information that is key to your business.

Bulk edit companies, people, and leads in Nutshell

With Nutshell, you can update data such as assignee, tags, territories, industry, company type, pipeline, status, close date, confidence, and status with the handy bulk edit tool.

Please note: Bulk edit changes cannot be reverted or undone.

  • Click Companies, People, or Leads

  • Check the select all box or check the boxes next to the rows you wish to edit

  • Click Edit

  • Choose the changes you want to make and click Apply changes and Yes to save your changes.


Do you need to filter your list of companies, people, and leads, to only edit a certain few? You can use filters to narrow your results to only those you want to edit.

What can I bulk edit inside of Nutshell?

Company fields you can bulk edit:

  • Owner

  • Territory

  • Industry

  • Company Type

  • Add/remove tags

People fields you can bulk edit:

  • Owner

  • Territory

  • Add/remove tags

Lead fields you can bulk edit:

  • Status

  • Confidence

  • Assignee (individual or team)

  • Pipeline and stage

  • Priority (hot or not)

  • Expected close date

  • Add/remove tags

  • Add/remove sources

  • Add/remove competitors

Bulk edit companies and people via a spreadsheet

Please Note: You cannot update leads with a spreadsheet. Imports can only create new leads. Updated changes cannot be reverted in Nutshell.

Check out our tutorial video on bulk editing!

Updating your companies and people via a spreadsheet is the best way to add different pieces of information to a group of people or companies all at once. You can use a spreadsheet import to update data in custom fields in addition to any of the built-in fields.

There are three possibilities for matching the information in your spreadsheet with the companies and people that already exist in your Nutshell account.

  1. Match on name/email: Use the names and email addresses of companies or people that already exist in Nutshell, when they are an exact match to the names listed in your file.

  2. Match on legacy ID: If you migrated to Nutshell from a system that used unique IDs (such as SalesForce), you can use the legacy ID to match your new data to the existing data in Nutshell.

  3. Match on Nutshell ID: Nutshell creates a unique ID number for each company and person record. If you've exported data from Nutshell and want to re-import it to make edits, the Nutshell ID is a great option to match your file to the existing records.

Using the basic import instructions, begin the import process with your new file. If you are updating people, be sure to map to the People | Name field. If you are updating company records, be sure to map to the Company | Name field.

If applicable, map the person or company legacy ID or Nutshell ID.


Other than the field you match on, it is only necessary to map the data that is being added or updated. Fields that aren't being changed may be left as "Don't import".

Nutshell appends new contact information such as phone, email, address, and mailing address to companies and people. We will not overwrite these fields. For all single choice fields, such as text custom fields, and company or person description fields, your import will overwrite the existing data.


On the preview page, be sure to select "Update existing Companies/People", and select whether to merge duplicates based on name or email address.


If you've mapped Legacy ID or Nutshell ID, you'll see those options as well.


Bulk delete companies, people, and leads

Please Note: If you do not see the bulk delete option, you will need to reach out to your admin for more help. Data that is deleted can temporarily be recovered through the Nutshell trash can.

  1. Click Companies, People, or Leads

  2. Check the select all box or check the boxes next to the rows you wish to delete

  3. Click Delete

  4. Nutshell will ask if you wish to confirm these changes. Click Yes to confirm these changes.


Delete individual companies, people, and leads

To remove an individual record of a company or person from Nutshell, follow the steps below.

  1. Find the person, company, or leads you would like to edit

  2. On the page for your company or person click the Delete button that is just under their logo and the Send to... button.

  3. Click Delete, Nutshell will ask if you are sure you want to delete this record

  4. Click Yes to confirm you would like to delete this record

Only admins can delete leads from Nutshell. To delete a lead, click the status on the lead page, choose Cancelled, and then click Delete this lead.


If you're not an admin but you want to remove a lead from your view, simply cancel the lead to remove the lead and any associated sales tasks from your lead board and dashboard.


How long do bulk edits take?

Bulk edits can happen immediately, or take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Bulk edits rely on your internet connection, so the faster your upload speeds, the quicker your edits will apply.

I can't see an Edit button when trying to bulk edit companies, people, or leads

If you can't see an Edit button, this means that you do not have permission to bulk edit data in Nutshell. Please reach out to your Nutshell admin for further assistance in this case.

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