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Select the primary contact person at a company
Select the primary contact person at a company
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Nutshell makes it easy to keep track of all the people you might work with at an organization. You can select the primary contact to make sure you always know who to reach out to first.

To select a primary contact, click the star next to the person's name when viewing the company profile in Nutshell.


Selecting a primary phone number, address, URL, or email address on a Company or Person record is just as easy—simply use the star icon to designate a primary on any Company or Person pages that have multiple values in those fields.

What happens when a primary contact is selected

Choosing a primary contact isn't only helpful for knowing who to reach out to while you're looking at a company page. Nutshell will use your primary contact in the following ways:

  • When you refresh or next visit the company page, your primary contact will move to the top of your list of people

  • When bulk emailing from the Companies or Leads list pages, the email will go to your selected primary contact

  • When you view the Companies list, your primary contact person will appear below the company's name

  • When sending an email from a company page using a template that auto-populates a first and/or last name, the primary contact will be used

  • When adding a person to a lead with a company, your primary contact will appear first

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