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Pinned Notes: Pin important notes to the top of your timeline
Pinned Notes: Pin important notes to the top of your timeline
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Are you tired of searching for that one important note buried in your timeline? Our Pinned Notes feature allows you to pin individual notes to the top of any timeline, making them easily accessible and impossible to miss. This is a game-changer for those who work in teams or collaborate with others to manage customer interactions.

How does it work?

With pinned notes, you can select any note to pin to the top of the timeline by clicking on the pinned icon in the toolbar.

Once pinned, the note will appear at the top of the timeline along with the name of the person who pinned it and will stay there until it’s unpinned. This means that whenever someone opens the respective Companies, People and/or Lead page, they will see the pinned note right away, without having to scroll down the timeline.

As soon as the note is pinned, the pinned icon will change to an unpinned icon which can be clicked to unpin the note from the top of the timeline. The original note will remain unchanged and can be found in the timeline.

Why use pinned notes?

Pinned notes can be incredibly useful in a number of scenarios. For example, if you have a note that contains critical information about the customer, such as their preferences or specific requests, you can pin it to ensure that everyone who interacts with that customer is aware of it.

You can also use pinned notes to highlight important updates or changes in the customer’s information, such as a new product they are interested in, or a change in account management. Pinned notes can also be used to provide context to the rest of the team, making it easy for everyone to pick up where they left off.

Pinned notes can be especially helpful for teams who work remotely, as it ensures that everyone is on the same page and has access to the same information. It can also save time, as team members won’t have to search through multiple notes to find what they need.


Can I unpin someone else’s note?
Only admins are able to unpin someone else’s note.

Can I pin a note to multiple people, companies, or leads

Can I pin activities and emails?
Pinning activities and emails on timelines is not available yet, for now, this feature is only available with notes.

Are pins exclusive to me?
No, everyone will be able to pin notes and see notes pinned by others.

Can I pin as many notes as I want?
Yes, but each person, company, or lead can only have a maximum of 5 pinned notes.

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