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Where are my activities and tasks?
Where are my activities and tasks?
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Discover the power of better managing your activities and to dos all in one place!

The Nutshell dashboard sidebar gives you unprecedented control over how you view your upcoming activities and tasks. Never miss a beat and stay organized as you work!


When you first open your dashboard in Nutshell, you are shown the activities panel by default.

You can filter your activities by type, participants, status, and priority; jump to a particular day by using the calendar, and view past activities that you have not logged by clicking the Unlogged Activities button at the top of our activities list.


Creating activities has never been easier. You can quickly schedule an activity with any of your contacts directly from any page by clicking the + button in the top left.


Log activities directly from your dashboard once you have completed them. Add your notes and click Log this activity. You can find your logged activities in your contacts timeline.


Place calls or send emails directly from your dashboard by clicking on the three dots to the right of the activity. If a phone number and email address are available for the participant on the activity, you will be prompted to Call, Call & Record, or Email. Save the call to log the activity.



Your tasks, sales automation tasks (available with Nutshell Pro), and keep-in-touch follow-ups appear in your to do list.

Quickly create new tasks by clicking the + button from any page. It is just as easy to complete your tasks without leaving the page.


View all of your tasks and follow-ups. Move between items due in the past, today, tomorrow, or in the future. You can even filter the to do to show only tasks or follow-ups.



How do I make my sidebar more prominent? I want to see my activities & to-dos (or timeline) first and foremost.

You can click to drag the border of the right sidebar towards the left of your screen. Expanding this side panel makes your activities, to do list, and timeline much more central to your screen (and your day!).


How can I see Activities and Tasks associated with my Hot Leads?

Both activities and tasks in the dashboard can be filtered to show only those associated with Hot Leads. On the sidebar, simply click on the check box for 'Only hot leads' to apply this filter.


Can I get rid of the calendar?

Yes! Click the calendar icon to shrink it to a weekly view, then once more to hide it altogether.


How many activities can I view at a time from the dashboard?

Nutshell will show up to 100 unlogged activities on the dashboard. Future activities will load forever, just keep scrolling, and they'll keep loading!

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