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Trash can: recover accidentally deleted items
Trash can: recover accidentally deleted items
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Anyone can use the Nutshell trash to undo deletions and restore important items.

Mistakes happen! Did you or one of your team members delete something from your account that shouldn't have been removed? No problem - simply navigate to the Trash in your settings and restore it!


What data can be restored?

  • People

  • Companies

  • Leads

  • Tags

  • Sources

  • Products

  • Notes

  • Territories


You can filter the trash can by data type by clicking the blue links across the top.

To un-delete something, click Restore.

To permanently delete a company or person, click the three vertical dots and choose Permanently delete.



How many deleted items will show up in my trash can?

The 100 most recently deleted items will appear in your trash, where they can be restored.

Is there a way to recover deleted data in bulk?

At this time, items must be recovered individually.

What is recovered when I restore an item?

When restoring an entity from the trash, not everything is recovered - tags, company associations, etc. do not re-apply to the people, company, and lead pages when they are restored.

Can team members with restricted views see, permanently delete, or restore items that other users deleted?

No! The trash can will respect the visibility and privacy settings set by an admin.

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