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See your calendar activities in your Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, and Nutshell calendars.

You can now view all of your calendar activities inside of Nutshell or Office 365 which saves you time toggling between applications and allows you to work where you choose.

Activities that you schedule inside of Nutshell will show up in your Office 365 calendar, and events that you schedule in Office 365 that include at least one non-Nutshell-user as a participant will appear inside your Nutshell account.

Nutshell will create new people for event participants if they do not already exist in Nutshell.


Activities you create in Nutshell can be automatically synchronized to your Office 365 Outlook calendar, and events that you create in your Office 365 Outlook calendar will be automatically synchronized to Nutshell.

To enable:

  • Click your user icon in the lower left of your screen in Nutshell and choose Your Settings > Calendar

  • Click the box that says 'Connect to my Office 365 Calendar'

  • Proceed to sign in via Office 365


Completing the last step will give Nutshell permission to communicate with your Office 365 account. This step must be completed to allow Nutshell to integrate with your email and calendar.

Fields that sync:

  • All day flag

  • Day and time

  • Location

  • Participants

Once you've enabled your sync, you can select from the options below:


Important notes

  • Activities will sync going forward from the time you enable the sync, but past events will not sync to Nutshell.

  • If your teammates (Nutshell users) set up the calendar sync, and you add them as participants in an activity, then those activities will sync to their calendars.

  • Invitations will not be automatically sent to participants that you include on Nutshell activities. If you want to send an invitation, schedule the meeting in Outlook to sync to Nutshell AND send invitations.

  • Recurring meetings will not sync from your Office 365/Outlook calendar into Nutshell

  • If there are ever any issues synchronizing activities with Office 365, Nutshell will alert you. The best next step to take if this happens is to turn the calendar sync off and back on again.


Can I connect my scheduling tool with Office 365 and Nutshell?

Yes! For complete instructions on how to see your customer appointments in Nutshell using a tool like Calendly, you can click here.

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