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Nutshell’s Chrome extension brings the power of Nutshell to your Google G Suite / Gmail inbox. View Nutshell leads, companies and people, add new contacts and sync emails from our convenient sidebar. This is available for everybody using the Google Chrome web browser.

What you can do with the Nutshell Chrome extension

  • Use the Nutshell sidebar when viewing email messages to view contact information, add people to Nutshell, see upcoming activities, add tasks, and more

  • Share messages with Nutshell directly from the message list

How to install

  • Visit your Gmail account, and you will see the Nutshell extension at the top of the page, with a prompt to log in



I am getting an "Unable to (un)share emails with Nutshell" message.

Seeing this error in Gmail?


If you have "conversation view" turned off inside of Gmail, only the first email in a thread will share successfully when you click the "Share thread with Nutshell" button. This is what your settings should look like inside of Gmail:



When you are sharing a thread with Nutshell from this view, it will work successfully if it is the first message in a new email thread. However, for subsequent emails, you'll need to share the message individually. Check out the screenshot below to see how to share the message by itself:


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