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Gmail sync FAQ
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I am having trouble syncing with Gmail.

Nutshell follows strict communication standards to talk to Google for your data. Sometimes things don't work out when trying to access your data and the result is an error message. There are a few things you can do to make sure the Nutshell + G Suite connection is correctly configured.

You may need to enable IMAP in your Gmail General Settings. Steps:

  1. Go to Gmail and click the Gear icon on the top right and click, Settings.

  2. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP

  3. Make sure Enable IMAP is selected


My Gmail sync was working but now I'm getting an error.

The most common reason for these errors is that your Google password has changed but has not been updated in Nutshell, but this could also happen for other reasons. Either way, resetting your sync usually fixes this. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to this page and revoke access to your Gmail account by clicking "Disable", then "Forget this account and add a new one", then "Disconnect".

  2. Re-enable access and follow the steps to get reconnected in the wizard.

Once you've done this, you should be able to click "ignore" on any visible errors to clear them.

I just synced my Gmail, but not all of my past emails came in. Why not?

The initial Gmail sync will bring in your sent messages from the last 45 days, or the most recent 80 messages (whichever comes first). It will bring in your most recent 100 received messages, or received messages from the last 45 days (again, whichever comes first). The sync does not bring in all of your historic emails but will sync all email sent or received in Gmail going forward.

If you want to sync all or part of your Gmail history to Nutshell, you can use the Chrome extension for Gmail. Once installed, you can select any emails (or all emails) and click the Nutshell icon to send those email threads into Nutshell. This will also create Nutshell people for any contacts included on those emails.

I'm using an alias in Gmail. Can I connect my alias to send email with Nutshell?

Yes! To set up an alias, follow these steps:

  1. On your Email Send page, click +Add another account

  2. Follow the prompts to select your alias email address or click +Use a different email address if your alias is not listed

  3. In the SMTP settings area, enter as the hostname, leave the default port type and port number (TLS, 465)

  4. In the Username field, enter your regular, non-alias Gmail address and your Gmail password

  5. Click Save & test

  6. If you get a "Bad credentials" error, you may need to configure an App Password in your Google account. Please follow these instructions and use the app password generated by Google in place of your regular email password.

I don't want to see all my emails in Nutshell. How can I define which emails I want to automatically sync to Nutshell?

Use the option to sync "Only messages with the Nutshell label" in your email sync configuration. Then, set up filters in your Gmail account to automatically apply the Nutshell label to certain emails.


  1. In the upper right corner of Gmail, click on the gear icon to go to your Settings

  2. Select the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" tab

  3. Click "Create a new filter"

  4. Enter criteria about the emails you want to automatically label: For example, an email sender or recipient, a subject containing specific text (for example "request for a meeting", "urgent", etc)

  5. Click on "Create filter with this search" in the lower right side of that form

  6. Check the box "Apply the label: Nutshell"

  7. Click "Create filter"


Now your filtered emails will automatically sync into your Nutshell account!

I'm seeing emails labeled with Nutshell, but I haven't applied this label. Help!

If you've enabled syncing all your emails from Gmail to Nutshell, A "Nutshell" label is automatically created in Gmail and applied to those email. Nutshell does this so you can quickly identify which emails have synced to Nutshell from Gmail. You can hide this label by following the steps below.

  1. In the upper right corner of Gmail, click on the gear icon to go to your Settings

  2. Select the "Labels" tab

  3. Click "Hide" next to the "Nutshell"

I am getting a message that says "This app is blocked"

Follow the steps below to resolve this:

  1. Click Security, then API Controls

  2. Under App Access Control, click Manage Third-Party App Access

  3. Click Configure New App, then OAuth App Name Or Client ID

  4. Search for Nutshell CRM, then select Nutshell CRM (there might be more than one - the one with the logo works)

  5. Click the OAuth Client ID checkbox, and then Select

  6. Choose Trusted: Can access all Google Services, then Configure

  7. Connecting to your email/calendar should now work

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