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How much does Nutshell Campaigns cost?
How much does Nutshell Campaigns cost?
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We’ve designed a pricing system that begins with fairness: you only pay for the contacts who you will be able to email.

Your price for Nutshell Campaigns is based on the number of marketing contacts that you have in your account.

What is a marketing contact?

A marketing contact is a person in Nutshell that:

  • Has an email address

  • Has not unsubscribed from your communications

  • Has not bounced from previous email outreach

What does each tier cost?

To see pricing for the size of your audience, visit your in-app billing page (accessible to Nutshell administrators).

How many emails can I send as a Nutshell Campaigns customer?

With a paid Nutshell Campaigns subscription, you have a monthly send limit equal to eight times your contact limit. For example, if you pay for up to 10,000 contacts, you can send 80,000 emails per month.

How many emails can I send if I don’t pay for Nutshell Campaigns?

If you don’t pay for a Nutshell Campaigns account, you can send 150 email messages per month to try out this product.

This also lets you get started by designing and testing your email outreach, prior to signing up for a paid Nutshell account.

What about personal email sequences and other personal messages?

You are never charged for the personal emails that you send with Nutshell through your own email accounts.

What if I pay for Nutshell CRM on an annual plan?

Because Nutshell Campaigns is based on your growing audience size, we only bill on a monthly basis. If you are paying for an annual CRM account, you will receive an annual charge for your Nutshell CRM, and a monthly bill for Nutshell Campaigns.

For most of our customers who pay for Nutshell CRM on a monthly basis, Nutshell Campaigns will be posted on the same invoice. Your first month’s charge will be prorated to align with your CRM bill date.

Do I need to pay for Nutshell CRM to use Nutshell Campaigns?


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