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Want to trace certain activities in Nutshell to uncover important actions taken by your team?
Want to trace certain activities in Nutshell to uncover important actions taken by your team?
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Well, as an admin user, you’ll be able to use our Audit Log feature which allows you to see the actions taken by users in your organization. This includes things like logins (IP addresses, times), bulk edits, and exports from the list pages. With Audit Log, you’ll have a better ability to trace these actions where needed.

But why is this important?

Let’s say you notice something odd happening within your organization. Perhaps there’s a data breach or an employee has been acting suspiciously. With Audit Log, you can easily trace back your users' actions and when they were taken. This information is invaluable when it comes to investigating and resolving any issues.

A closer look at Audit Log

Audit Log provides an in-depth, tabulated view of the actions taken within your Nutshell account. You’ll be able to see information including:

  • User name

  • Date and time

  • Type of action

  • Number of edits

  • Session details

  • Status

  • Device type

  • IP address

Here’s a sneak peek …

Accessing Audit Log

If you’re on our Enterprise plan and you have admin access, you’ll be able to access Audit Log. Simply head to the Settings page and you’ll find Audit Log in the Administration section.



Who can access Audit Log?
Audit Log is only available for customers on our Enterprise plan who have administrative access.
What types of actions does Audit Log track?
You’ll be able to see detailed accounts of actions such as user logins, bulk edits, and list exports.
How often is Audit Log updated?
It’s updated in real-time, ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date information about user actions.
Can I export or download Audit Log for further analysis?
You will not be able to download or export Audit Log. It remains accessible within Nutshell, allowing you to review and analyze the recorded actions as needed.

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