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Ability to Export Time Stamps of Stage Changes



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    Kristen Gray

    Rich, thank you for for taking the time to let us know what kinds of data you are looking to export from Nutshell. We appreciate your thoughtful communication, and can't wait to see upvotes on this request from other customers who are also looking for more granular data about stage changes.

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    Kyle Marin

    We could really use this feature! Would make my life a lot easier! 

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    Bret Carlson

    Hi Kristen,

    I wanted to "up vote" on this topic and further emphasize the important of Rich's request for our business needs. We are enjoying Nutshell so far and hope to work together in order to utilize it for our needs. Thank you for giving Rich's request consideration.


    Bret Carlson
    Program Manager
    Oil, Gas, Mining - Utah & Wyoming

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    Eric Noller

    Agree this feature would help tremendously!

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    Luke Werner

    I'm for it.  timestamps are crucial for keeping accountability for deliverable dates.

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    Prateek Choudhary


    This would be a very useful feature to have for your project management effort. It would be appreciated if you could consider the request.


    Prateek Choudhary

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    Ryan Timme

    This feature would be very beneficial.

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    David Higbie

    Great idea!

    We're using /changelog to calculate the average # days leads are delayed (initial close date vs. actual close date), and the same for value. This is painfully manual, so CSV export - or the ability to report these metrics directly in Nutshell - would be appreciated! 

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