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How should I configure my email-sharing settings in Nutshell as a manager?



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    Kristen Gray

    Hi there, David! Thanks for taking the time to contribute to our forum. I appreciate your feedback, and can't wait to hear from other Nutshell customers who share your excitement for a feature like this one.

    For those of us relying on the O 365 and Google automatic sync who do not wish to have Nutshell create contact pages for activity participants, I recommend leaving the calendar sync option de-selected on this page in Nutshell and simply subscribing your O 365 or Google calendars to updates using the calendar links on this page.

    For Google users, simply click 'Add other calendars' and select 'From web'. Next, paste the calendar subscription URL obtained from your Nutshell account.


    For O 365 users, start by clicking the calendar icon at the bottom of the page and then click 'Discover calendars'. Under 'Import calendar' select 'From web' and paste the calendar subscription URL obtained from your Nutshell account.

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    David Higbie

    We struggled with this and it seems to boil down to Nutshell's 'feature' that automatically creates new People from calendar entries (participants who aren't already contacts in Nutshell). For us the result was a daily influx of our own staff members being added as Nutshell people, and then the email sharing problem Kristen describes above. It's not just about managers.

    A simple fix seems to be: make it optional (Nutshell admin toggle) to automatically create People from synced O365/Google calendars.

    We'd love to use calendar sync, but can't until this problem is fixed. 

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