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More advanced, segmented sent email tracking



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    Kristen Gray

    Thanks for your contributions to this feature request! Our developers love hearing feedback from real customers like you! So you know, if you'd like to see a complete list of your recent emails, you can refer to your private Nutshell inbox by clicking Your settings >  Email.

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    Nisha Duncan

    I'd definitely like the ability to see which links have been clicked and forwarded. I would also love the ability to edit email templates in html as it's a pain using markdown and then having to email myself the template to see what it looks like.  Wastes a lot of time rather than being able to edit and view as I go. 

    Another great feature would be a notification section to see whose opened and clicked emails all in one area similar to how HubSpot works... be great to see what kind of activity is being generated by email outs. 


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    Patrick Klaassen

    I was just looking for this feature to track my recent cold email campaign. Navigating to each lead individually is a pain in the butt.


    I definitely want to use advanced, segmented email tracking.

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    Bryan Bloom

    Thanks for asking, we need CC and BCC inside the Nutshell email sending.. Otherwise it has limited viability for us.  Thanks.

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    Kristen Gray

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us, Bryan. It means a lot to us to understand what our customers are looking for.

    In the meantime, we can include more than one person on an email when sending from the Company or Lead page by clicking into the 'to' field to add another person.

    To loop in a teammate into a conversation, you can click here to learn more about how Nutshell allows you to collaborate with other team members.

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