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Add Shift+click functionality to lists of people/companies/leads



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    Kristen Gray

    Hi Max, thanks for reaching out! You are absolutely right. Manually checking off boxes can take an enormous amount of time, which Nutshell already offers a solution for! To select all of your contacts in a list, you can check the box at the top of your list view column header.

    Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing!

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    Max Joshua

    Hi Kristen, thanks for your reply. I'm aware that checking the box at the top of the column will select all of the contacts in the list.

    However, often I don't need to select all of the contacts in the list, but rather a subset of them (e.g. 40 people from a list of 100) - there is currently no way to speed this up. If we could select multiple rows at once with shift+click (or a similar feature), that would really help!

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    Christina David

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for getting back to us and sharing this awesome feedback. This is really valuable. I can see how being able to shift+click could help you out and improve your experience. We'll be sure to keep this on our radar for future improvements to Nutshell. I'm curious to see how many other Nutsheller's are interested in this feature as well, and my team and I look forward to watching this request grow in our forum.

    In the meantime, to give you a more immediate solution, you can use filters to narrow down results so that when you use the select-all button, there isn't as much manual selection/de-selection involved in getting the contacts you need. I recommend using tags (click here to learn more about tags in Nutshell) to help organize and bucket contacts together. Tags are a great way to narrow down smaller lists of contacts (such as 40 people, or fewer). 

    I hope this helps, Max, and let us know if you have any other questions by emailing us at We always love to help!

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    Linda Weir

    Adding this feature would speed up our processes tremendously.  Shift+click to select a consecutive group.


    Thanks for considering, and hopefully, adding this feature.


    Linda Weir

    Crestline Auto Transport

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