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Send Email Later / Schedule Email Functionality



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    Kristen Gray

    Thanks so much for sharing this great feedback! I completely understand where you are coming from. Communication is key to all relationships, and automated email is by far the easiest way to be sure that your leads are receiving the right information at the right time.

    Nutshell integrates with MailChimp for straightforward, user-friendly email campaign management.

    New customers can configure MailChimp lists to automatically add leads to a drip campaign when they enter a certain stage and remove them when they should no longer receive those emails. Nutshell will automatically add and remove your leads from those lists. We will be rolling this out to existing customers in the near future, so stay tuned!

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    Alexandra Armstrong

    Agree completely!  I often create emails on weekends and in the early morning hours, when my brain is freshest.  It would be great to schedule them to arrive at a time that's convenient for the client.

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    Damien Burke

    Ditto this. I'll send emails at strange hours and it would be nice to be able to be able to schedule them. Thanks!

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    Amie Van Susteren

    Please. I need this, it would be so great! I run my own business and have too many things to get done during the day and weekend but would love to write an email in the evening or the weekend but have it get to the customer during business hours when they are most likely to see it.



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    Kristen Gray

    Hi there, Amie! Someone from the Customer Success team will reach out shortly with more information about the capabilities of Nutshell Pro such as automated email campaigns, and much more! Thanks so much for your interest!

    For others who are interested in migrating their accounts to the new Sales Automation to gain access to automated maildrips, please email for more information.

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    Kevin King

    Hi Kristen, all,


    I wish to provide my enthusiastic endorsement for this feature as well. This is not about email campaigns or marketing, it is about sending the email at the optimal time so that the recipient will read it. As with other respondents on this thread such as @Damien Burke and @Amie Van Susteren,  I often send email at weird hours, sometimes even at 1 AM. It is nice to be able to schedule the actual send time of that email so that it doesn't get lost in the early morning mail dump that occurs for most people.

    For example, I would like to be able to write my email at 1 AM on Sunday to be delivered at 11 AM on Monday.  This avoids my email getting lost in the recipients Monday morning mass deletion event that most of us have to do after a weekend's worth of email accumulates in our work in boxes. Additionally, it allows me to write an email that I want the recipient to read when I come back from a scheduled vacation week or two from the present.

    I understand that MailChimp will provide us awesome campaigns, but this is more about onesies into twosies.  



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    Kristen Gray

    Thanks for this thoughtful context, Kevin. I completely understand where you are coming from, and look forward to hearing from other customers interested in this kind of feature!

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    Ryan Smith

    Echoing this request!

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    Michael Vennitti

    Kevin is spot on!! This is not about email campaigns, it's about scheduling personalized emails at specific hours. Or leaving a meeting and scheduling a following up email to send at 8 am the next morning. Our team actually uses a separate service to use this feature, MixMax. 

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