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Updating a person's email - save past correspondence?



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    Katherine Mays

    Thanks for posting, Meg! 

    When you remove an email address from Nutshell, as you noticed, the email correspondence that was synced in with that email address is removed. 

    My recommendation is to add the new email address and mark the old one as inactive. Choose the dropdown over the email, and create a custom label as inactive. This will keep the old correspondence as well as allow you to always use the new email address going forward. 

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    Meg Harris

    Thank you for that solution. What about if someone leaves a company or we have a new contact. How do we maintain old correspondence?


    We are hoping to use Nutshell for contact management as we don't do sales. We are a grantmaker so we award grants to 250+ organizations annually. We want to be able to interact with individuals and keep any history of that interaction even if we have a new point of contact. Turnover is very high in non-profits... How can we do this in Nutshell? We don't want to have to maintain people as inactive.



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    Katherine Mays

    Hi Meg, 

    When someone leaves a company, I personally will update their job title to say "No longer works here" or "Former employee", etc. so I know not to contact them in the future. A helpful alternative would be to apply a tag to contacts that are no longer relevant points of contact at a company so that you can exclude them from future bulk actions such as email blasts. 

    If you prefer to remove the individual from Nutshell completely, I'd recommend adding their email address to their organization's company page before you delete them to maintain previous correspondence with the organization. 

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    Meg Harris

    Thanks, Katherine!

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