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    Kristen Gray

    Thanks for reaching out! I can definitely see the value of being able to share these kinds of reports with your team. Great idea!

    Currently, we can create and save lists which can be shared with other team members in Nutshell and added to their own personalized dashboard. You can email us with any questions at

    I can't wait to hear from other customers who would like to see this kind of feature implemented!

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    Roger Kilby

    That would make things more simple.

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    Alston German

    The dashboard is a very convenient way of showing an overall view of what's going on.  It also offers the capability to drill down and investigate areas of interest once an overall picture has been established.  We want to use the dashboard as the main entry point for executive engagement but not having the ability to develop a shared dashboard is a serious obstacle to accomplishing our goal.  It is not practical or desirably to ask each member of the team to develop individual dashboards besides we want to promote and develop a common view of the most important information.  If you use Nutshell with multiple companies and you use tags, and other fields to filter the data between teams and companies then to have a common it is important that each dashboard view has filters applied in the same way.  Clearly the ability to have a person or group develop a common dashboard view across the company is entirely sensible and in our view should be a priority for the Nutshell development team.




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    Zee Ali

    YES!! DO IT :) 

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    Tom Hockedy

    This has come as a bit of a shock when setting up Nutshell that this feature is not available... Not ideal and agree this really should be a standard feature to role out consistent dashboards for you team of which they can then adapt further for themselves.

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